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Community Mediation Services

CMS – Community Mediation Services

Community Mediation Services (CMS) is a nonprofit mediation center in Anderson County, Tennessee helping people find solutions to their own issues using mediation. Their goal is peaceful resolution through mediation. All programs are free of charge and mediated by trained volunteers.

CMS currently administers three mediation programs aimed at assisting people to find their own peaceful solution to their conflicts.

VORP – Victim Offender Reconciliation Program
This program allows the youth of a non-violent, first time offense to meet with the victim of their crime. The goal is to discuss the crime and its effect and to decide on a way for the teen to make things right.

Access and Visitation Mediation Program
Visitation mediation is a method of helping never-married, post-divorce parents or relative caregivers establish or revise a parenting plan.

Teen and Parent Mediation Program (TPM)
TPM allows the teen and his/her parent(s) to discuss issues with two trained, neutral mediators. Topics of discussion can be anything the family deems necessary and often covers topics like school, curfew, friends and chores.

C&J Wealth Advisors Involvement
We sponsor and participate in Big Ed’s Memorial Golf Tournament which is a yearly fund raising event for Community Mediation Services.

Community Mediation Services
Anderson County Court House
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