4 Facts You Must Know about IRA Distribution Rollovers

IRA Rollover2015 IRA Distribution Being Rolled Over in 2016?

The rules for rolling over IRA distributions can be complicated. These rules can become especially challenging at the end of the calendar year. If you are taking an IRA distribution at the end of 2015 and considering a roll over that may not be completed until 2016, here are four facts you will want to know.

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Determining Tax on Roth IRA Distributions in 5 Easy Steps

What are the ordering rules?

Roth IRA DistributionsRoth IRA distributions can consist of contributions, converted funds and earnings – or any combination of the three. To determine what your distribution is, you must use “ordering rules” which dictate the order in which these categories of Roth IRA money must be withdrawn. All Roth IRAs are considered one Roth IRA for distribution purposes. A Roth IRA distribution will consist first of any Roth IRA contributions. If there are no contributions or those amounts are completely exhausted, the next funds out are converted funds.

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