Smart Investors Ignore the News

When describing my job to friends, I tell them that most of my day is spent reading.  To be more specific, it’s deciphering good information from the rest of the headlines that are simply media noise.  Enclosed below is a good blog post from Chuck Jaffe that talks about his observations of the headlines and his advice for investors to avoid knee-jerk reactions to media noise.  With so much information and so many opinions out there today, it’s our goal as an advisor firm to filter out the noise and provide clients with straight talk that conveys facts that are meaningful to our clients.

Scott Smith
C&J Wealth Advisors
Article credit: By Chuck Jaffe | MarketWatch | August 18, 2014

Smart investors ignore the news
You can read the headlines, just don’t trade on them

If the market is making your head swim, you may be able to solve the problem by Flying Colors Slots spins turning off, tuning out and dropping out of the 24-hour news cycle.

That’s an oSmart investors ignore the newsdd suggestion coming from someone who works in the media, but what makes it doubly strange is that it’s prompted in part by the website I trust like no other, Beyond simply being my employer, I trust the site because I know personally the quality people and journalists my fellow staffers are

But, last month, MarketWatch set a site record for the number of unique visitors to its news pages, which set me to wondering what kind of messages we were sending to both new and increasingly active visitors at a time when they were presumably drawn in looking for some measure of market guidance to calm their nerves or keep them on top of the financial news.

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