4 Popular Retirement Myths Debunked

This is an interesting article discussing phases of retirement, suggesting that the old standard of no work, all leisure is diminishing.  More retirees are becoming re-engaged to varying degrees so they can experience a healthier, more fulfilling retirement.

Scott Smith
C&J Wealth Advisors
Article Credits: Wall Street Cheat Sheet | by Eric Mcwhinnie | June 9, 2014  

Retired worker4 Popular Retirement Myths Debunked

The conventional idea of retirement is being challenged in the 21st century. A new analysis reveals that many commonly held beliefs about work in retirement are obsolete as life expectancy and aspirations improve.

Retirement is no longer being defined as a period of inactivity. According to Merrill Lynch and Age Wave, retirement now has four distinct phases: pre-retirement, career intermission, reengagement, and leisure. The reengagement phrase is the biggest surprise in the study, as three out of four pre-retirees older than 50 say their ideal retirement will include working in some capacity. Furthermore, money is not the biggest motivator for staying in the workforce.

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